The Hablator 0.5 "Rose" Stable chat script

The Hablator is an advanced GPL'ed chat script written in PHP and Javascript. It offers all of the features you could want in a chat script, while maintaining low server requirements, low client requirements, exceptional speed, and simple installation. In addition, The Hablator contains some features not found in any other chat scripts (I am aware of)! If you do not want to read the blog post I wrote, the most notable non-standard chat features include:

The Hablator is available under the GPL.

You can see the readme here. The changelog is here.

Have fun with it!

Updates in 0.5.1

The updates in 0.5.1 are as follows:


Download The Hablator 0.5.2 "Rose" (tar.gz)

Download The Hablator 0.5.2 "Rose" (zip)

Released September 2009

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